Islamic and ethical Investments

We invest using a set of comprehensive investment filters which are based on ethical and Islamic investment principles.


Long-term performance

Our Balanced option has provided strong returns for years. This has allowed our members peace of mind knowing they can retire with certainty.

how to switch your superannuation

Switching takes less than 5 minutes

We help you find and consolidate your lost superannuation. It makes your super easier to manage and saves on fees.


Exclusive Member Rewards Program

Crescent Rewards gives members discounts and rewards to iconic brands such as UberEATS, Eid at Lunar Park and Taronga Zoo.


We are proud to present our members and community the 2020 certification conducted by Dar Al Sharia verifying the Crescent Wealth Super fund is structured and operates in accordance with the principals of Shariah.

Crescent Wealth is a passionate believer in the idea of prospering collectively.

As a pioneer with specialist expertise, we offer all Australians an attractive superannuation alternative that aligns ethical and Islamic beliefs with Islamic investing. We invest in accordance with Islamic investment principles, ensuring our members' retirement funds are Islamically compliant now and into the future. This will never change.

Our mission is powerful but simple. We exist to:

  • Enable our community to retire in dignity and honour by educating them about the importance of retirement planning
  • Contribute to the economic, social, cultural and academic fabric of our community through our Not-for-profit partners
  • Collectivise the wealth of our Muslim community. This empowers our community to have an amplified voice advocating and contributing to social and political change.

We believe you can have the best of both worlds, where your investments align with your Islamic beliefs and values. Guided by Islamic values, faith and principles our purpose is to ultimately provide you with a Halal investment alternative that speaks to you; with the belief that you don’t need to sacrifice your faith, in order to retire with dignity.

Welcome to Crescent Wealth.

Crescent Wealth is a passionate believer in the idea of prospering collectively.

Having Islamic compliant, Australian ethical super options is just the start. We are establishing strategic partnerships with the aim to develop ideas, ideas that will drive lasting social impact, can be sustained, and may be replicated across regions to benefit every facet of Australian communities for years to come.

Why our members love us

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