Our mission

Our mission is powerful but simple: to ensure all Australians can protect and grow their retirement wealth through Islamic super without compromising their core values, and beliefs.

Our approach actively avoids investments in industries such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco, weaponry, and interest-earning organisations. We focus on profitable, asset-based investments that contribute to the advancement of humanity, forge community engagement, and cement responsible investing as an accessible option for all Australians.

We do this with a collaborative spirit, by leveraging connections, and by giving back to the community.

Since 2013, Crescent Wealth has helped thousands of Australians to protect and grow their superannuation, whilst helping steward humanity.

The exciting thing is, we're only just beginning. The future of superannuation is her now. It's no longer a necessary evil, but a movement where choice truly has a voice.

And at Crescent Wealth, we're here to make that happen.

Our story

As a pioneer within a dynamic new sector, we offer all Australians an attractive alternative in socially responsible investing.

Crescent Wealth makes a positive impact in the world around us. Not only can we affect change through our daily actions, but also through our investments and savings.

We can choose not to profit from war or socially detrimental activities like gambling and alcohol. Our superannuation and investment products are available to all Australians directly through us or financial advisors right across Australia.

We encourage you to read through our materials, and get in touch on 1300 926 626 to find out more about our ethical super and islamic investment options.

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