These are indeed testing times, but there is always hope.

In Australia, we have seen the incredible ability for us to work together with the shared goal of protecting our health so that we can adequately support each and every Australian.

Around the world, we see the disparity in societies when we compare those that come together with a shared purpose and those who forget to live the empathy and compassion. The former displaying a community of shared values and unity. Indeed, we see the positive health outcomes that emerge when that occurs.

From all of us at Crescent Wealth together with our rock star International Journalist Mehdi Hassan – thank you Australians for acting as one – to look after all.


While this Ramadan will be like no other, we are confident that our community will come out of this stronger, unified, and with more love, care, and compassion than ever.

Ramadan represents a special time for deep reflection – about the values we hold dear and the actions we take to uphold those values. Across the world, people are using this time to reflect on their lives and realising that each of our everyday decisions have an impact on humanity as a whole.

At Crescent Wealth, we are drawing on our faith, shariah law and ethical business guidelines to do the right thing – to act in true service of others. This is our DNA.

In that respect Islamic superannuation represents an expression of our values, particularly important to keep in mind in these circumstances and challenging times. As people find themselves locked down, we note health authority predictions of substance abuse with various vices in society (for example alcohol and tobacco) becoming harder to resist in a home setting. In this environment, and while approaching Ramadan, we must be more conscious than ever of leveraging our values and beliefs in order to use this period as an opportunity to promote a better world.

Each of us is a leader. We are the leader of our lives, our families, our businesses and our communities. The high standards to which we hold ourselves through our discipline and decisions in line with Islamic principles will enable us to get through this pandemic.

Here at Crescent Wealth, we are focusing on continuing our investment and member service operations, focusing on our strategy, keeping our staff and their families safe by working from home and adapting the way we deliver our service for members so that we can offer our business as usual service during this period.

If we can help in any way during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team here.

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Managing Director

Talal currently serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Whitlam Institute and Western Sydney University Foundation Council Board. He also serves as Chairman of First Quay Capital and Chairman of the Australian Arab Dialogue. Talal has also served on the Australia Post, Board of Sydney Ports, Macquarie University and the Western Sydney Area Health Service and the Chairman of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; Council of Australia Arab Relations. In an executive capacity, Talal spent 10 years at PwC as a director and strategist, and at investment firm Babcock & Brown in the Corporate Finance Group and later in the Technical Real Estate Division. Later Talal held leadership positions in Better Place Australia, Platinum Hearing and Star Transport Australia.

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