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This Ramadan, as we strive to commit more acts of good and increase our spirituality and Taqwa, we can sometimes overlook choice that can lead to long term peace of mind and better positive outcomes.

Superannuation is a reality in Australia. It is a part of your income, invested on your behalf and may be the second largest asset you own at retirement, after your family home. Because of the general lack of knowledge around superannuation this can lead to a certain amount of dis-engagement towards super.

It is indeed a privilege that in most cases in Australia, you can choose which super fund is responsible for investing and sourcing returns for your retirement. Depending on who is investing the funds, the sources of the returns can be vastly different. Because many Muslims are not sure of these sources, we find many become unattached to their retirement funds and some go through the hurdles of cleansing their super to charities when they have the ability to access the funds.

We like to do things differently at Crescent Wealth.

We are an Australian Islamic super fund. We don’t source our member returns  from industries that damage the social fabric of our society. Industries like Interest, Weaponry and armaments, alcohol, gambling or tobacco.

Instead we focus on industries that deliver positive outcomes and profits like healthcare,
telecommunications, manufacturing, and innovative industries!

We believe in investing in products, businesses and services that benefit rather than harm
humanity.  Whilst also adhering with the principles and global standards of Islamic investing.

For over six year now, Crescent Wealth has served not only the Muslim community, providing them
with an Islamic super alternative but also for those not of the Islamic faith who want a super that provides positive investment options.

We’re proud to support our community of members with their grass-root initiatives, from Islamic
Finance conferences, Iftars, Eid celebrations right through to university scholarships!

Our community is wonderfully diverse and has shown us that through all the ups and downs we
collectively experience we are still strong, kind, caring and supportive of not only our community but also show the care and support to the wider Australian community.

To our wonderful members we appreciate your continuing trust and support and of course to new
members, we invite you to join our movement of creating positive change that makes a difference!

Joining us is a simple online process that takes less than 5 minutes! We’ll also assist in finding any previous or lost super and combining it in the one place for you. So, you have the comfort of knowing the profits being sourced for your retirement are from Islamically compliant sources.

CLICK HERE to start an application or give one of our team members a call today on (02) 8317 2189.

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Join the movement

It takes less than 5 minutes to start investing your superannuation in the things that align with your values.