The start to a new year is the perfect time to disclose our performance for the 2019 calendar – and what a hugely successful year it was. Consistent growth with double-digit net returns meant our members were rewarded for their investments and can approach 2020 in high spirits.

Investment markets rebounded incredibly strongly in the first half of 2019, with the Australian and the US markets hitting record highs after falling heavily in the December 2018 quarter. That created a positive flow-on effect for the rest of the year, with the overall calendar year seeing positive returns for Growth 14.81%, Balanced 12.09% and Conservative 7.04% investment strategies.

Crescent Wealth will continue our commitment to sustainably create long-term value for our value-driven members and the broader community in 2020. This is not only about Islamic finance or what Islam can bring to financial services or investment funds. Ultimately, we believe your retirement should reflect your invaluable contribution to society, and a level of wealth generation that speaks to responsible investment growth and a positive financial future.

As such, our investment team and culture will always be underpinned with the purpose of setting you up for long-term success, driven by our core principles of Islamic investing:

  • Investing Islamically, ethically and morally.
  • Avoiding the payment and receipt of interest (or riba)
  • Avoiding excessively uncertain or speculative investment instruments, financial products or asset classes.

We look forward to providing you with even more positive investment news as the year progresses.

Note: Performance is shown net of investment fees. It is before administration fees, adviser commissions and tax. Want to know more about Crescent Wealth Super performance. 

Helping you make the right Islamic Investment for you and your family. 

Crescent Wealth‘s mission is to help Australian Muslims and people living within Muslim communities across the country to participate in halal superannuation.

Islamic investment principles are outlined in the Qur’an and Shariah Law requires muslims to grow their wealth according to these shariah rules.

It’s important that long-term investments, particularly for retirement purposes are diversified and while real estate is a very common halal investment for many Australian Muslims, a broad range of investments offers many benefits.

Australia welcomes many new and old arrivals from Asia and the Middle East, including Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesiakuala lumpurDubai and Saudi Arabia. At Crescent Wealth, we make it as easy as possible for new residents to make shariah compliant investments, offering a range of investment options.

More about Crescent Wealth

Our mission is powerful but simple: to ensure all Australians can protect and grow their retirement wealth through an Islamic super fund without compromising their core values, and beliefs.

Our approach actively avoids investments in industries such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco, weaponry, and interest-earning organisations. We focus on profitable, asset-based investments that contribute to the advancement of humanity, forge community engagement, and cement responsible investing as an accessible option for all Australians.

Since 2013, Crescent Wealth has helped thousands of Australians to protect and grow their superannuation, whilst helping steward humanity.

As a pioneer within a dynamic new sector, we offer all Australians an attractive alternative in socially responsible investing.

Crescent Wealth makes a positive impact in the world around us. Not only can we affect change through our daily actions, but also through our investments and savings.

We can choose not to profit from war or socially detrimental activities like gambling and alcohol. Our superannuation and investment options are available to all Australians directly through us or financial advisors right across Australia.

We encourage you to read through the rest of our website, and get in touch on 1300 926 626 to find out more about our ethical super and islamic investment options.

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Managing Director

Talal currently serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Whitlam Institute and Western Sydney University Foundation Council Board. He also serves as Chairman of First Quay Capital and Chairman of the Australian Arab Dialogue. Talal has also served on the Australia Post, Board of Sydney Ports, Macquarie University and the Western Sydney Area Health Service and the Chairman of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; Council of Australia Arab Relations. In an executive capacity, Talal spent 10 years at PwC as a director and strategist, and at investment firm Babcock & Brown in the Corporate Finance Group and later in the Technical Real Estate Division. Later Talal held leadership positions in Better Place Australia, Platinum Hearing and Star Transport Australia.

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