Member Statements

At Crescent Wealth our focus is on generating long-term growth with Islamic compliant superannuation which delivers consistent returns through time.

We will be sending out the 2018/2019 annual superannuation statements shortly. We’ve been working tireless and are pleased to announce our members will be receive their statements ahead of the industry.

Your annual statement is an integral part of keeping you informed of what is happening within your account, it shows important information such as:

  • Your super account balance and benefits, and insurance if you have it
  • Performance of each investment option
  • Your nominated beneficiaries
  • All transactions on your account over the last 12 months.


Receiving your communication electronically

We will send our members an SMS when the statement is ready to view online. If we don’t have your email, your statement will be posted. However, now is the time to ensure your member details, and communication preferences are updated, by giving us a quick call to update your account.

Now is the time to ensure your member details, and communication preferences are updated. How?

Login to your member portal Or give us a call 1300 926 626.


Super options & fees

2018-2019 Financial Year Performance

The 2018/19 financial year has seen a return to volatility in markets, with both the Australian and the US markets approaching record highs, not seen since the GFC.  The December quarter 2018 saw a significant decline and the subsequent rebound in the first quarter 2019, has been remarkably strong.  This has provided investors with another positive year of returns.

Crescent Wealth’s portfolios are conservative by design and are defensively positioned at this stage of the economic cycle.  Our focus is on generating long-term growth for super members in an Islamic-compliant structure.  Consistency of returns through time are much more important than taking undue risk late in the economic cycle.  As such, a modest return in a volatile year for investors is not unexpected.

Key changes we have implemented over the year have been aimed at broadening diversification and improving the risk/return outcome for members. We have increased our Islamic cash holdings over the past 6 months and have reduced our weighting to Australia shares. This has resulted in the appointment of a new manager with a focus on high quality Australian companies. We remain underweight international shares and have introduced a new manager, also with a focus on high quality global companies.

Performance across both the Balanced, Conservative and Growth options for the financial year 2019 has been subdued and have come down from the previous year.  We are confident that the changes put in place and discussions we have had with our portfolio managers will address this.  That being said all 3 options remain on track to better their Investment Objectives over the 12, 36 months and beyond periods.

Islamic compliant superannuation investments should have a long term investment outlook and as such, although a specific year may have reduced performance, we aim to manage the fund so that over the medium to long term, accumulated performance will be in line with helping you build and maximise your superannuation balance in the future.

We continue to investigate a range of new Islamic compliant superannuation asset classes to further diversify our portfolios and improve members risk/return outcome.

Our main aim will continue to be to achieve market leading returns over the medium to long term for our members in an Islamic compliant manner.

The returns after investment fees and tax for the three investment options are:

Investment Strategy2018/ 20193 Year AnnualizedCumulative Since Inception
CW Balanced Option4.83%5.31%32.25%
CW Conservative Option5.04%3.71%23.73%
CW Growth Option5.72%5.26%38.78%


*Performance to 30 June 2019 Inception date 12 May 2013.


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