For decades it was a staple in the classroom thanks to its world-renowned calculator technologies, but Texas Instruments has since evolved into a global leader in the semiconductor and integrated circuits industry. Beyond the bottom line, giving back to and supporting STEM education remains a core component of their overarching goal to equip, empower and prepare future generations of innovators.

In terms of their recent stock activity, Texas Instruments has delivered incredibly well – from 31 October 2018 through 30 November 2019, the firm’s performance rose 39.2%. And just as important as investment success, Crescent Wealth is committed to providing our members with investment options with companies that are ethical leaders.

There are few companies that can claim they are one of the world’s most ethical organisations, but Texas Instruments has been consistently recognised for exactly that. As Ethisphere Magazine puts it: “As an 86-year-old company and a 10-time honouree on Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies list, Texas Instruments (TI) has demonstrated a long history of putting ethics into action.” It’s just one of the many reasons why we are proud to share their story with you.

One of the company’s major initiatives, Project Hope, is aimed at bringing education to impoverished rural areas through the funding and construction of schools. So far that initiative has benefited 3,100 teachers and 48,500 students across three provinces.

High ethical standards and consistently positive stock returns? That’s an investment opportunity worth celebrating at Crescent Wealth.

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