One of the oldest techniques human beings have used to teach one another is through story-telling.

From the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the revelations from Allah (swt) to the present day, all Muslim societies have been shaped by orality in the form of tales, fables, myths, legends, and narratives.

When verbal stories are combined with illustrated pictures, our ability to understand and remember the story increases significantly.

This explains why picture books are such a powerful tool in conveying stories and teaching people, especially young children, the morals and lessons of powerful narratives.

At Crescent Wealth, we are passionate about helping Australians understand where their superannuation savings are invested and that there are better ethical options available that not only delivers a financial return but also creates a better future for all.

We partnered with Ghazal Qadri – a Kashmiri born illustration artist to create a comic strip of how Crescent Wealth Invests Islamically.

She is an incredible story-teller, transforming everyday moments into relatable stories through books, comics and her much-loved emojis.

While she is currently living in Maryland, USA, it was her early experience growing up in the conflicted Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir that taught her the power connecting with others through the art of telling stories. Every element of her art stems from her lived experience and now her art is featured regularly in everyday conversations around the world.

“Through illustrations, I reveal myself which words fail to do. I am connected to people mostly through my drawings”. says Ghazal.

One of Ghazal’s most loved illustrations is her emojis. They have been downloaded around the world by Kashmiri’s and used daily in WhatsApp and text conversations – connecting friends and families on a level that regular emoji’s can’t. Such personalised illustrations really help enable the human experience to be shared better digitally.

“I think the ‘Waarai Khoshpaeth’ is the most frequently used sticker. It is a casual way of asking How do you do?  in Kashmiri.” Ghazal says.

To discover more about Ghazal, follow her on Instagram here. To add her emoji’s to your phone, download the application (available on Android phones) here.








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