Allah (swt) tells us that “If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole mankind.”
Quran 5:32.

The investment choices we make and where we spend our money has an impact on our future. We often decide to part with the money we earn because we believe it will have a positive impact on our future. For example, investing in education or housing or a business venture for a profitable return.

Unfortunately, there are a range of investments that can have significant negative impacts, not always directly to ourselves but often to the global community as a whole. Chief among these examples is the production of defence armaments and weapons for warfare.

While many Australians wouldn’t actively choose to support war, it is possible that their retirement savings are currently contributing to the development of weapons that makes war possible. Many Australian Super fund portfolios invest in publicly listed weapon and gun manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus Group and Lockheed Martin Corp.

Allah (swt) tells us that “If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole mankind,” Quran 5:32.

Missiles, guns, tanks and drones have destroyed countries, such as Yara’s* homeland Syria. As a refugee living in Australia, she says “Now in 2020, many Syrian children have lost parents, siblings and close relatives. Half the population have been forced to flee homes destroyed as a result of the violent occupation, or explosive destruction. 2 million people are currently internally displaced and there are 5.6 million refugees due to the chaos of war. These are people with nowhere to call home, and often no ability to call for hope. While I am blessed to continue my education, we have 2.1 million children in Syria currently without school. I shudder to think what the latest global pandemic may do to my already decimated people.”

This is the very real human impact that defense production has on lives. We have a responsibility to divest from defence manufacturers to help people like Yara* and her family.

Crescent Wealth exists to provide Australians with an alternative way to invest their retirement savings for a kinder and more unified future.

Your investment choices do have an impact, so it’s important to understand the values of what you are investing in and what your hard-earned dollars are actually funding. As an investor, you have control over where your money goes and what is done with it. By choosing Crescent Wealth, you know your money isn’t being funnelled to weapons manufacturers and distributors who are profiting off the years-long wars in places like Syria.

*Name changed

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