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Islamic super fund Crescent Wealth targets millennials with anti-banking sharia pitch recently spoke to Crescent Wealth’s Managing Director about all things Islamic investing, the benefits to members without compromising on their values. As well the growth opportunities & challenges. Article by Frank Chung – @franks_chung Click here for full article on An ancient rule that appears in the Bible, Torah and Koran is at…

2019-20 Federal Budget

Changes to superannuation are predominantly aimed at helping older Australians make additional contributions. In comparison to prior years, the impact on super are minor and will mainly benefit older Australians. The budget also focused on personal tax cuts for low and middle income earners. Here are some of the key changes announced Superannuation People aged…

Journey to Umrah

Every year, thousands of Muslims from around the world converge on Mecca to perform Umrah. A sacred journey once made on foot, travel options these days are many and varied, but the spiritual significance of the trip remains as strong as ever. For Sayfullah, who cycled the 3,500km from London to Mecca in 2017, taking…

5 ways to boost your super

Retirement is the fruit of all your working years, and your super is one of the biggest assets you’ll accumulate over your lifetime. With the average couple needing $840,000 to be living comfortably,1 it’s worth thinking about making some small changes now that could make a big difference to your retirement. Whether you’re saving some…

Australia pays the price for alcohol excesses

Australians are drinking less alcohol than they have in 50 years1, but sadly 26 Aussies are losing their lives every week because of alcohol-related causes.2   Consequences The consequences of excessive drinking are apparent every day, contributing to domestic violence and murders, causing a burden to the health system, the criminal justice system and reducing…

Market Commentary: February 2019

Most major global markets continued to improve over February, strengthened by the positive progress coming from the US-China trade negotiations and the implications of the dovish stance established by the US Federal Reserve earlier this year. The Dow Jones and the Nasdaq gained +4.03% and +3.60% for the month respectively (on a total return basis). The US earnings…

Why Crescent Wealth Super invests in values

At Crescent Wealth Super, we’re committed to ensuring all Australians can protect and grow their retirement wealth without compromising their core values and beliefs. A globally pioneering Islamic superannuation fund, our investment approach reflects Islamic investment principles as well as the values of socially responsible investing. Here we explain what those principles are, why we’re committed to being…

Furthering refugee education

In our philanthropic endeavours, Crescent Wealth is deeply proud to support The Crescent Foundation and Sanctuary Australia Foundation in its aim to help further refugee education. Read more here.

Market Commentary

The last quarter of 2018 saw poor performance from most markets around the globe. The S&P/ASX 200 (accumulation) index declined -0.12% for the December month and -8.24% for the December quarter respectively. The worst performing market for the year was the Chinese Shanghai Composite index which lost approximately 25%. The investment landscape is slowly adjusting to rising US…

The real cost of smoking to Australia

Smoking costs Australian an estimated $388 Billion. Crescent Wealth Super will never invest your super in the production, promotion or distribution of tobacco.

Win a trip to Mecca for Umrah

Crescent Wealth Super has partnered with Lakemba Travel Centre to offer one winner a trip of a lifetime to perform Umrah in 2020.

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