Celebrating our legacies

Crescent Wealth is Australia’s leading Islamic superannuation and investment fund, whose mission is to ensure all Australians can protect and grow their retirement wealth without compromising their core values, and beliefs.

We help sustain a living, breathing Islam in the community: one that reflects our commitment to the preservation of a morally guided and principled lifestyle in faith, and in line with our uniquely Australian identity.

At the core of our work is helping build a strong legacy for Australia’s Muslim community: one which we can be proud of and which sees us contribute to society while maintaining our identity and faith-based values.


Osman Karolia


For over two decades, Osman has served the community through his passion for education. Initially in the public school system and for the last 21 years in the Muslim schools sector, Osman has built a legacy of education that will benefit generations upon generations of youth to come.


Ustaz Chalidin

Building communities

When it comes to legacies, those centred on communities are the most powerful. Of particular significance are people who start, sustain, maintain and inspire communities by bringing people together while caring and looking after collective and individual interests at the same time. For well over twenty years, the Ashabul Kahfi Islamic Center, led by Ustaz Chalidin, has imparted knowledge while building the hearts and needs of our youth around a fundamentally Muslim, yet uniquely Australian, identity. Thus, enabling generations of the future Ummah to live and breathe Islam, and practice their faith in the West authentically, while feeling integrated into the Australian community and showing non-Muslims the beautiful nature of Islam.


Mobinah Ahmad

Creating public opinion

From a family of community pioneers, Mobinah hasn't rested on her laurels. A passionate and motivated young leader, her work with Australia’s leading Muslim periodical (AMUST) has helped create a positive narrative around the lived Muslim experience and galvanised a community. Building on her previous initiatives (in business and community relations) Mobinah's is a classic story of young people leaving a legacy that helps others believe in themselves and their potential for impact - regardless of their age.

What legacy will you leave?