On March 3, 2021, the ABC invited Crescent Wealth Managing Director Talal Yassine, as well as Cassandra Goldie, Mary-Louise McLaws and Shane Wright to the drum to speak about the pressing allegations of sexual assault on Attorney-General Christian Porter. Last week, Cabinet Minister Christian Porter spoke to the press, identifying himself as the minister that has a historical rape allegation on him. Porter denied the allegations brought forth and refusing to step-down in the interim of an inquiry into the case, and has since taken mental health leave.

ABC News’ coverage of Grace Tame’s powerful speech

In light of recent events, Grace Tame delivered a powerful speech at the national press club on women empowerment and the importance of beginning an inquiry into the assault allegations. Crowned Australian of the Year 2021, Tame rebuked Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his refusal to comment on the rape allegation, where he qualified his response with him being a father, and that he would need to consult his wife Jenny before commenting on the allegations. “It shouldn’t take having children to have a conscience”, Tame replied to a question by SBS reporter Naveen Razik. “And actually, on top of that, having children doesn’t guarantee a conscience”.

Crescent Wealth Managing Director Talal Yassine’s strong message

Talal Yassine had strong words for Canberra, stating unequivocally that the Prime Minister needs to empower and serve as a role model for Australians through leadership.

“I think the Prime Minister should send a very strong message. I think this a moment of national significance.

There’s been a number of allegations of things happening around the parliamentary party, around power, and about sexual assaults.

The opportunity is for the Prime Minister to stand up tomorrow and say, ‘First of all, women have a right to safety and security, and we respect it. The community has an obligation to protect that safety and security, and I as your PM declare this to be of national significance, with an action plan.’”

“Leader of the nation, hiding behind convention, process, or a particular case is not going to help…There needs to be a clear set of decisions that need to be made by the leader of the nation. This is a moment of national significance, declare the position without equivocation:  

Make the national statement on the rights to protect women, to feel safe and secure in their home, at work, and out in public. Women have a right to safety, security, and that they need to be respected”. 

Watch the full episode here:

Preceding the rape allegations on Attorney General Christian Porter, ABC news also reported former staffer for the Liberal party Brittany Higgins came forward with an allegation of sexual assault at the parliament house. She claimed she was raped in March 2019 in Canberra, further amplifying the need for an internal investigation and also stronger appeals process in handling rape allegations.

In the United States, we saw President Biden replace the previous President Donald Trump – who was famous for his derogatory remarks, particularly certain sexist remarks he had made. All of these reports, anecdotes and speeches speak to one harsh truth – women are not being respected and held in the dignity every human being should.

Whilst many are talking about the covid-19 vaccine rollout or the latest with corporations like spacex and rio tinto, how many of us are concerned about, speaking in support of, and raising awareness for women’s rights abuses?

This discussion comes surrounding the commemoration of International Women’s day – a unique event dedicated to appreciating and empowering women. No human being deserves to be treated any less on the basis of their gender. No human being deserves to be disrespected – whether physically, verbally or emotionally, by impacting their mental health. We can only reach a cohesive society in Australia when we inculcate the essential values of human dignity and normalise respect for all members of our community – the young in their childcares, and the old in their aged cares. Especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial that men and women work together and support each other to build a cohesive society in population centres across Australia – such as NSW, Victoria, Queensland and other states and territories.

At Crescent Wealth, we share the values of respect and common courtesy. It is our vision that not just Sydney but Australia will be at the forefront of building communal standards of engagement. A world where victims aren’t blamed for oppressions committed upon them. A world where the Australian Federal Government and Parliament truly cares about the well-being of its people. A society where a woman is not questioned for the sexual harassment she suffered, but rather assisted and empowered, and the perpetrators brought to justice. It is only when we come to a common understanding about the importance of women’s rights and the fallacy of victim blaming, that we can move forward as a society and prosper in Australia together.

Crescent Wealth embodies and stands by the Islamic values of respecting, inspiring and empowering women. Read more about women’s rights in Islam by clicking here.

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