1. Crescent Wealth Superannuation Fund (Crescent Wealth) is providing this discount as part of its Crescent Rewards program to all members of Crescent Wealth.
  2. To be eligible, all members must adhere to the terms and conditions set out herein.
  3. Members of Crescent Wealth must apply the promotional code and follow the relevant links to receive a 50% discount on the monthly fee charged by Durioo for a period of six months from the date of taking up this offer.
  4. The reward program with Durioo commences on 1 April 2022 and expires at midnight on 1 April 2023.
  5. Crescent Wealth and Durioo reserve the right to withdraw, change, amend, add or deal with this offer in any way whatsoever including cancelling it altogether.
  6. Crescent Wealth is not responsible (and has absolutely no access to or control over any aspect of Durioo, including its programs) for any of the programs, content, quality, reliability or otherwise on the Durioo platform.
  7. Any disputes, issues or questions should be raised with Crescent Wealth as soon as possible for Crescent Wealth to assist and / or determine. Any determination of such matter by Crescent Wealth is final.