When you think about alcohol or drugs, you may view drugs as worse. However, alcohol can be just as harmful to the people using it and to those around them.

Whether you believe it’s ethical to consume drugs and alcohol or not, it is a problem for society. Consider how both drugs and alcohol can be a nuisance and why alcohol can be just as bad as drugs.

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Harms to the Person

When considering how alcohol and drugs can be harmful to society, it’s important to start with the people who use them. While some Muslims consider alcohol Haram, some still drink it. Still, that doesn’t make it safe.

Using drugs can also be harmful, and it can hurt people who practice Islam or not. Both drugs and alcohol can affect the health of people who use them.

Consider some of the ways that using alcohol or drugs can harm you.

Short-Term Effects

While drinking some alcohol is okay, you can have some short-term effects after drinking too much. You may experience memory loss, headaches, dizziness, or loss of coordination.

At worst, drinking too much alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning, which can kill you. You may also die from the short-term effects if you injure yourself or get yourself into a road accident.

Fortunately, some short-term effects can go away after the alcohol leaves your system. But consuming too much alcohol often can lead to other issues that last much longer. The same is true for using drugs, such as heroin or crack cocaine.

Increases Blood Pressure

Drinking too much alcohol regularly can also raise your blood pressure, leading to heart attacks and other problems. You may have a heart attack, and your heart could stop working properly.

When it gets serious, you may have heart failure. Any of these things can kill you, and if they don’t, you may need medical treatment to feel well again.

Even if you don’t have a heart attack or another serious heart problem, high blood pressure is an issue. You may need to take medication to treat it, and you might have to watch your diet and get more exercise to help it.

Greater Risk of a Stroke

Using drugs and alcohol can also increase your risk of having a stroke. Different drugs may affect your risk more or less than others, so you should consider how dangerous the alcohol or drug is.

Your risk will also go up if you use alcohol or drugs over the long term and if you take larger doses. However, the exact risk and other effects can depend on how strong the alcohol or drug is as well as your size, gender and overall health.

While both alcohol and drugs can affect your risk of a stroke, you should avoid taking or drinking more than necessary. Both can be a problem for you, but a stroke only affects others if having one gets you in an accident or a similar event.

Mental Health

Mental health is another way that using drugs and alcohol can affect the individual. Some studies have evidence that using drugs can increase your risk of having depression and anxiety. However, the risk goes both ways, with mental health issues leading to more drug use.

If you develop mental health problems from drug or alcohol consumption, that could affect your ability to work or participate in other activities. When that happens, it can be a nuisance to society.

If you practice a religion such as Islam, you may not be as interested in it. While some Muslims believe alcohol is Halal, the mental health effects pose a problem to people around the world.


Both drugs and alcohol can lead to addiction. If someone develops an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, it can affect their entire life. They may do whatever they can to get their hands on what they crave.

One of the problems with alcohol is that it is legal, whereas hard drugs are not. Alcohol being legal makes it easier for someone to find alcohol to feed their addiction. Then, they could become more reliant on the substance.

Of course, drug users can find some way to get the drug they want, even if it is illegal. But it’s not as pervasive in society. You won’t find people doing drugs at many parties, but you will often see people having a drink.

Financial Problems

Regardless of if drugs and alcohol are ethical, both can cause financial problems. One of the less obvious effects of drugs and alcohol is financial. Paying for alcohol and drugs adds up, and it can affect individuals and families.

When it comes to drugs, the cost of finding and getting to a drug dealer is another consideration. And with alcohol available more easily, it can be even more tempting to spend money on it.

That can affect the person’s ability to pay for their other bills, such as rent and food. If the person is in charge of a family, it can then start to harm others in the household.

Harms to Others

While drugs and alcohol can affect the health of those who use them, the substances can also affect others. Of course, people around drug and alcohol users may not suffer the same health risks.

However, they can still suffer from the person’s addiction or casual use. In fact, alcohol is a greater problem when you focus on how it and drugs affect people in the community.

Consider how the dangers of drugs and alcohol can affect people and how that can be a nuisance to society.


If someone develops an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it can hurt their relationships. The person may become secretive about their drug and alcohol use, and they may not interact with their family as much.

When that happens, the family may start to wonder what is wrong. Family members may start asking questions, and the person using substances may get defensive.

However, it’s easier for someone to drink alcohol in the open than it is to use drugs. Someone may have a few drinks around the family, and others may not know anything is wrong, making it harder for them to receive drug and alcohol treatment.

Drunk Driving

Another major way alcohol use harms others is through drunk driving. When someone drives under the influence, they may cause a serious accident, potentially harming or killing themselves but also others involved in the accident.

Even if someone doesn’t get into an accident while driving drunk, it can always happen. While some drugs can affect the user and impair their ability to drive, alcohol use is a major issue when driving.

What’s worse is that someone could drink a lot of alcohol and not believe they shouldn’t drive. And since alcohol is legal in the country, it can be easy not to feel bad about driving after having something to drink.


Using drugs and alcohol may also lead to other crimes, aside from drunk driving. When someone uses drugs or alcohol, it can impair their judgement. Even if they don’t normally commit crimes, they could do so under the influence.

If someone goes shopping after having too much to drink, they may steal items they want. It doesn’t matter if they would normally pay for the items like most people.

Consuming too much alcohol or drugs can make people do things you wouldn’t expect. Any sort of crime will then affect the person committing, their family, and the victims of the crime.

Child Neglect

If a parent uses alcohol or drugs, that use can affect their children. As the parent develops an addiction, they may start to prioritize it over the health of their children.

The parent may spend all of their money on alcohol or drugs instead of food for the family. A parent may also drink when caring for the child, and having a blackout could make them parent unable to care for the child.

In households with two parents where one uses drugs and alcohol, it could also strain the relationship. The couple may get a divorce, and then the children will have to deal with that situation.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

If a pregnant woman drinks too much, she may give her child fetal alcohol syndrome. Ideally, a pregnant woman wouldn’t drink alcohol at all or only very little.

However, if a woman has an alcohol addiction, that could affect her baby. Then, the baby may need more care and assistance throughout their entire life.

While drug use may not be as serious in pregnancy, it can lead to preterm birth or low birthweight. Pregnant women should seek drug and alcohol rehab so that they can give their children the best chance of having a good life.

Is Alcohol Worse Than Drugs?

While both drugs and alcohol can be problematic for the people using them and their families, alcohol is slightly worse. Different drugs can have more serious effects, but alcohol is legal.

Because of that status, it’s easy to get a hold of alcohol and to misuse it. However, it can take more work to get your hands on hard drugs, such as cocaine.

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