Beyond Islamic investing, we’re passionate about bringing positive change to the Australian community through supporting not-for-profit initiatives including the Crescent Foundation, Crescent Institute, Crescent Think Tank.


This culture of giving relates absolutely around the purpose of Crescent Wealth and the establishment of our super fund.

Wealth management means much more than the prosperity of a few. For us, it means a sense of community, moving in unison towards a shared vision and achieved by living our values proudly in everything we do.

It is imperative that we invest in the grass roots of our community in order to really change lives.

By developing the social fabric of not-for-profit institutions, we can make an environment of equal opportunity a reality - one in which the best ideas win.

Through such means we are able to better come together and generate solutions to our problems, while being on the front foot when it comes to opportunities for us to celebrate and foster collective growth.

Keeping our purpose in mind, we thus shed some light on key institutions which the Crescent Wealth Super Fund supports over the last several years.

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At the heart of everything the Crescent Foundation does is the passion and drive in creating meaningful change to the lives of every recipient we cross as well as our donors.

We will work tirelessly on leaving a positive footprint extending from our local communities to broader Australia. Our vision is to create a culture of giving by encouraging ongoing financial support to those in our community who need it the most.

Ultimately, together with our charities, organisational and corporate partners, we promise to work towards building a culture of giving with ongoing financial and moral support leading to a positive, strong, and inclusive Australia.

Our major passions include:

  • Refugee educational & employment support;
  • Helping the homeless;
  • Conservation of Islamic art & culture; and
  • Civics, democracy and youth.

With the increasing rate of refugees resettling in Australia we are proud to help with their education and upskilling.

Each year, thousands of refugees arrive in Australia seeking asylum and a better life. Of the many challenges they face in a new land, affordability of university education is one of the most pressing.

The majority of these refugees are educated from their country and need Australian education to complement their existing knowledge and bring them on par with the local workforce.

The Crescent Foundation wants to lend a helping hand in assisting in educating and facilitating their settlement into the workforce and into Australia generally.

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The Crescent Institute aims to promote an opportunity to meet and learn from Australian thought leaders in a warm business and social environment as well as keeping its members informed on vital issues.

The Crescent Institute was founded officially in 2006 and is a not- for-profit organisation in pursuit of a more well-connected, thoughtful and inclusive Australia.

The Institute was founded to address a lack of meaningful access to professional networking and thought leaders.

Since 2006 the Crescent Institute has been addressed by several Premiers, former Prime Ministers,  CEO’s of Australia’s leading companies, leading media, religious, sporting figures and corporate thought leaders.

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International Journalist
Mehdi Hassan

International Journalist
Mehdi Hassan

Australian Cricketer Usman Khawaja

Australian Cricketer
Usman Khawaja

Former Australian Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs

Former Australian Human Rights Commissioner
Gillian Triggs


Lawyer & Refugee advocate
Deng Adut 


Australian Senator
Sarah Hanson-Young


President Bosch Australia
Gavin Smith


Airtasker  Co-Founder & CEO
Tim Fung

Coles Chief Financial Officer Leah Weckert

Coles Chief Financial Officer
Leah Weckert

Crescent Institute Future Makers Challenge

With the aim to connect, inspire and empower professionals the Crescent Institute put a callout to innovators, entrepreneurs and social change leaders who dream of making the world a better place to submit their entries to win a fully paid admission to the Harvard Club of Australia 2018 Program for Leaders and the opportunity to present their idea to thought leaders and angel investors.

After a day of presentations from our wonderful short-listed applicants, we were thrilled to announce the winners from both the

Not-For-Profit: Be - Zam Zam for Mental Health
Corporate: Jacqueline - In Real Life

We are honoured support this initiative via the Crescent Institute and  congratulations to both winners and to all who took on the competition.

We look forward to future initiatives.

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The Crescent Think Tank is an independent Australian policy think tank charged with the task of generating new ideas and dialogue on the issues of nation building, Australian. infrastructure and socially responsible investment and Islamic finance.

The Think Tank Board is Co-chaired by  Emeritus Professor Dianne Yerbury AO and Professor Alan Wain (of Harvard University). The Co- Chairs are joined on the Think Tank’s editorial board by academics and experienced professionals from all over the world.

With the aim of identifying value propositions that explore ideas, thinking and investment encourages and ferments  support for equitable, inclusive and sustainable economic development of the nation and its infrastructure.

Build Awareness through academic publications and events that bring together like minded academic leaders and thinkers.

Promote Research to support the development of papers and research in the areas of nation building, infrastructure and Islamic finance.

Encourage through guideline development, capacity building and training resources to open new opportunities for financial institutions to grow by adopting responsible finance practices. If you would like to be involved with these institutions, we warmly encourage you to reach us.

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