Crescent Wealth Super is Australia's first Islamically-compliant super fund.

Join over 8,000 Australians who have chosen to invest their retirement wealth without compromising their core values, and beliefs.

Step 1.

Fill in your basic information first. In the next step you’ll need to find your tax file number (TFN) so we can match it up with ATO records (You can get this by calling the ATO on 13 28 61).

Step 2.

When you submit your application you’ll receive your member number and login to your member portal. You can access this any time to view your account details, and get details to pass on to your employer.

Step 3.

One of our staff members will personally welcome you onboard and ask several questions to get to know you better.

They will help find your lost super, or combine your other super accounts into your Crescent Wealth Islamic Super account, at no cost, if you instruct them to.

Our team can step you through the process.

Call us at any point on 02 8317 2189 if you need assistance.

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Join over 8,000 Australians who’ve made their super Islamic in under 7 minutes.