As a valued member of the Islamic super Crescent family we are always here for you.

We’re excited for you to join the Islamic super journey. You’ve chosen to divest your wealth from harmful industries such as alcohol, gambling and weapons to a world of Islamic investments like health care, property and manufacturing.

We’re here to offer you halal investments that positively contribute to our community while building your retirement wealth by investing Islamically through Crescent Wealth Super Fund.

Here you’ll find a number of important links to fact sheets, tools and information that will help you manage your Islamic super as a Crescent Wealth Superannuation member.

Crescent Wealth Year in Review

We can all change the world, let’s start with your super

As a member of Crescent Wealth Islamic Super you are already making a difference. By investing Islamically and making your retirement wealth halal you are making the world a better place.

Below is a short video outlining how your Islamic super makes the world a better place!

Find out more about you can make your retirement funds halal