Significant event notice - changes to fees

Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited, as Trustee for the Crescent Wealth Superannuation Fund (the Fund), has approved changes to the fees and costs for the Fund. The Fund promoter, Crescent Wealth Funds Management (Aust) Ltd, has negotiated reduced Investment costs for each investment option (see Indirect Cost Ratios below) with its new investment advisers, however, there will be an increase in the Account-keeping fee.

The Fund will implement the changes on 25 November 2018. The following table reflects the changes.


*This amount is an estimate and may vary from time to time.

Note: For definitions of the fees and costs in the table above and more information about other fees and costs that may apply (including advice fees for personal advice, insurance fees and the Family Law fee please refer to the Crescent Wealth Superannuation Fund – Additional Information Guide. This can be found on our website at