Islam and the Internet go hand in hand. According to the Tabah Foundation, 37 percent of Muslim Internet users visit the websites of scholars and Islamic institutes every week.

The Internet, and everything digital is becoming a great resource for Islamic apps. Aussie Muslims can download several apps on a wide range of topics. But the incredible number of apps for Muslims makes it hard to know which ones to choose.

What are the best apps for learning about the Quran? What resources are available for halal dining? Are there any apps for buying modest clothing or finding Muslim romantic partners?

Answer these questions, and you can take advantage of the best iPhone and Android Islamic apps. Here are 20 you should consider downloading this year.

1. Quran Companion

Quran Companion is a different kind of Quran education app. It is the best app there is to help Muslims memorize the entire Quran.

You can learn the text bit by bit, receiving daily assignments and guided lesson plans. When you are ready to test your skills, you can engage in group challenges. You can choose up to 25 people to play with, and each of you will compete in memory games.

You can study the Quran in multiple scripts and translations. If you need an audio recitation, you can listen to one on headphones.

2. Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla

Muslim Pro is one of the most popular apps, attracting millions of users from all over the world. As its subtitle suggests, it contains the entire Quran with plenty of annotations.

You can read the Quran in Arabic, or you can read phonetics that help you pronounce the words. If you want to focus on what the text means in English, the app contains translations. You can also listen to audio recitations.

Muslim Pro offers other services as well. If you allow it to connect to your location, you can use it as a qibla locator. It can give you the names and locations of halal restaurants and mosques near you.

If you want to know about upcoming events and holidays like Eid Al Fitr, you can use its Hijri calendar. The app also contains a dua list so you can perform supplications.

3. OnePath Network

OnePath Network is an Aussie Islamic video media outlet. They specialize in producing informative videos and news articles about Muslim life.

Their app gives you full access to OnePath’s content. They have produced thousands of videos, including short documentaries and personal essays about the Quran. The app is available for iPhone and Android users.

You can listen to the network’s different channels. Talk Islam is a channel for adults. It produces news and artistic content, including spoken word pieces from poets.

Living Muslim is the channel directed at Muslim youth. Videos are humorous but informative, discussing fasting and major Muslim figures like Muhammad Ali.

4. Learn Quran Tajwid

Learn Quran Tajwid is an educational app designed to help users study the Quran. It contains the complete text, but its focus is different from Muslim Pro.

It provides lessons so you can understand the theory and language of the Quran. You can start with the Arabic alphabet, then move into pronouncing and writing words. You can then understand important linguistic principles like the Waqf signs.

Each lesson comes with a small quiz so you can test your skills. The app has a function to record audio so you can practice reading verses aloud. If you are a visual learner, you can find pictures and videos that help you understand key concepts.

5. Dua and Azkar

Dua and Azkar compile supplications and prayers from a range of books and websites. The app breaks the supplications down into key categories like essential dua. If you are looking to make performances at night, the app has a night mode so you can see clearly.

All examples are available in Arabic, English, and other languages. You can listen to audio guides on how to perform your supplications. You can set notifications on the app so you can perform at the times you want.

You can download the app on your iPhone, though it works best on an iPad. The aesthetics are simple and sleek, with black text on a white background.

6. QamarDeen Quran

QamarDeen helps you track your prayers, supplications, and other efforts. But the app is more than just a bunch of checklists.

The app will ask you questions about your prayers so you can see if you did everything correctly. If you made extra prayers, you can record them on the app.

The app contains the Quran, and you can leave bookmarks when you need to stop reading. You can mark when you donated to charity and gave time to your community.

7. Halal Advisor (Australia)

Halal Advisor is one of the best iPhone Islamic apps for halal dining. It contains the contact information of thousands of halal restaurants. You can see if they have delivery options or if you have to dine in.

If you want to read reviews, the app lists ones from its users. Each restaurant has a star rating and written reviews. You can then give the restaurant a call with the touch of a button.

If you are looking for a particular type of restaurant, you can search based on your preferences. You can search based on cuisine, price range, and location.

8. Scan Halal: World’s Largest Halal Products Guide

Scan Halal works for grocery products. You can link the app to your camera, then take photographs of the product’s bar code.

The app will determine if the ingredients are halal or not. If it says you should avoid the product, it will give you the details as to why. It will also give you alternative products you can buy.

You can list your dietary preferences and the particular ingredients you want to avoid. This includes mono-diglycerides and other artificial substances.

The app works for most major brands. But it may not work if you go abroad and scan products from local companies. Try to educate yourself on halal ingredients so you can make your own decisions.

9. Zabihah

Zabihah lets you find halal restaurants near you. You can find reviews from other users in your local area, and you can read menus from restaurants.

If you are looking to prepare your own meals, you can find halal markets. You can also go to locations that are making special offers or having sales.

10. iQuran

iQuran is a general Quran app. It lets you read the entire text with more than a dozen translations.

You can listen to seven different audio recitations that go verse by verse through the text. Each verse has its own recordings so that you can listen to one verse multiple times.

If you want to leave notes, you can attach a tag or bookmark to a verse. You can also use the app’s search engine to find the content you want.

11. Bayan Quran

Bayan Quran is a great linguistic tool. Like iQuran, it contains the entire text and allows you to go verse by verse.

But the app lets you access the dictionary definition and etymology of each word. You can learn its grammatical functions and read its transliteration. This lets you memorize new Arabic words, though you can read an English version if you would like.

12. Hadith Collection (All In One)

As the name suggests, Hadith Collection compiles all of the Prophet Muhammad’s narrations. It contains more than a dozen books that house more than 40,000 hadith. The app has a hadith of the day function so that you can learn a different one every day.

You can search for a particular word, letting you understand its religious context. If you find a hadith that speaks to you, you can share it with your family members. You can add bookmarks so you can return to a text later.

13. Islamic GPS

Islamic GPS is an augmented reality app. It contains information about important sites and cultural markers, including spots around Mecca.

Connect the app to your camera, then hold it up to a landmark. It will give you information about it along with nearby sites you can visit. You can move the camera 360 degrees, and it will give you details about the environment around you.

If you need to go to a location, the app can connect with your phone’s map. You can then get directions on where you need to go.

14. Haramain

Haramain connects to the Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al Nabawi. You can listen to audio recordings of recent prayers whenever you want.

You can mark your favourite recitations and return to them later. You can also choose an individual reciter and listen to their prayers.

15. Never Miss Fajr

Never Miss Fajr focuses entirely on waking up for fajr. Many people struggle to get up and moving when it is time for morning prayers.

The app triggers an alarm that plays the adhaan continuously. To turn it off, you must shake your phone 20 times or answer five questions.

The app gives you a timeline, so you know when to perform your prayers. If you turn your phone off, Never Miss Fajr will give you an alarm, so you know when to pray.

16. Modanisa

Modanisa is a fashion brand based in Istanbul. They specialize in modest attire for women, including prayer dresses and activewear.

Their app lets you connect to their store in six different languages. You can shop for different clothes and make purchases without having to visit a store.

If you need recommendations on what to wear, Modanisa can send them to you. They can also give you alerts on new arrivals and special sales.

17. Investro

Investro focuses on halal investments. You can use the app to participate in the financial market responsibly, avoiding industries that promote harmful habits.

If you are new to investing, Investro contains educational functions. You can perform practice investing with fake money.

You can look at potential companies to invest in and see what their financial portfolio is like. You can check to see if their stocks are halal or haram.

18. Salam

Salam is an educational app for Hajj and Umrah. It is best for people who are travelling to Mecca. But anyone who needs a Hajj travel guide can use it.

The app walks you through every step of Hajj. You can watch videos explaining the traditions and view pictures, so you know where to go.

The app also contains a progress bar so you can keep track of your success. The bar applies to the entire Hajj and each step. You can keep track of your dua and how many times you have walked around the Kaaba.

If you need to keep track of others, you can invite people onto Salam. You can open a map inside the app and see where they are. This makes it perfect for families with young children.

19. MuzMatch

MuzMatch is one of the best apps for Muslims who are looking for partnerships. It functions similar to other dating apps. Users create their own profiles, setting filters for education and profession.

You can match with other users and give them a call right away. Each user is verified, and you can keep your profile private if you would like.

20. Souqina

Souqina is a marketplace for modest fashion for women. Unlike Modanisa, it is mobile-focused.

Through the app, you can create a profile with your fashion tastes. You can launch an e-store, selling your own clothes and buying from other users. You can add photographs of yourself, so other users know what clothes you like.

The app is designed similarly to Instagram, making it perfect for younger users. Older users can learn the format quickly, and Souqina has large navigation buttons to make browsing easier.

What All Muslims Should Download

Alhamdullilah, due to the advancement in technology Muslims have all sorts of tools at their fingertips. Many apps are available for Quran education such as Quran Tajwid whcih provides in-depth lessons, to Quran memorisation such as Quran Companion app. On the other spectrum, there are a lot of apps that also focus on halal food accessibility for instance Zabihah app highlight halal serving restaurants and Scan Halal can help you check an ingredients label. We can’t wait to see what technology advancements will bring in to our Islamic Ummah.

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