ashion is an expression of joy and personality. Looking your best while keeping to hijab style is definitely possible, even though it might take a little extra hunting at the shops for modest fashion.

All of the items listed below should be available in local, common clothing stores—with a few seasonal allowances for sleeve lengths—Muslim-owned brands, or places like Hijab House. Use intelligent colour matching and a few different hijab wrapping styles to make each of these looks work for you.

Here are five hijab fashion tips for how to style a hijab with the modest fashion Australia can provide.

1. You Should Own a Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is made for hijabis. Whether you wear a long-sleeved version off the rack or add a long-sleeved shirt underneath, these pair especially well with a drapey hijab style.


Casual maxi dresses are easy to convert to a modest fashion style. In the summer you’ll most likely find sleeveless versions. Pair these with a light long-sleeve shirt underneath to create a more covered-up version. Get creative with the colour pairings to create a whole new look.

In autumn and winter, you’re much more likely to find long-sleeved versions with higher-necklines. Opting for solid colours or ones with patterns in the same colour-family can create a very sleek, up-and-down silhouette, especially when matched with your hijab.

Pair with a wide leather belt, layered gold necklaces, or sparkly flats to complete your look.


The cut of many maxi dresses remain similar even in the evening gown, but what upgrades the look is the fabric. Here you’ll want to look for silks, brocade, and sew-on beading to elevate your look for evening wear.

Modest evening wear is always possible. Turn the celebratory nature of the fashion to the fabric and your accessories (eye-catching jewellery, fancier heels) to bring about the gravity of the look.

The maxi dress is a diverse, versatile, easy-to-wear piece that should be in every modest closet. Make sure you add one to yours today. Anyone else getting serious Mona Haydar vibes here?

2. Get Long with Long Layers

Layering your hijab tail-ends with other long layers makes for a visually interesting outfit. Let the ends trail like a winter scarf over jackets and other long layers.

Long layers can make it easier to feel comfortable in fitted pants or jeans. One of your best layer tools can be a long outer layer that leaves the front of your outfit open to get a good look at your style while giving you modest coverage from the back.


There’s nothing quite like a swing-style winter coat to add a long-layer to a modest outfit. Leave this unbuttoned over other layers to add length to your silhouette.


Invest in quality long sweaters, such as cashmere or cotton. It’s important to find long sweaters that will not cling due to static and cheap construction. Looking for some that have some weight and structure can help maintain their shape during wear.

Kimono-Style Overshirts

For the summer, look for linen or synthetic Kimono-style overshirts. These often have large arm openings, pretty edging, and feminine, bright prints. When paired with a pair of jeans and a solid colour long-sleeve tee, these pull your outfit together.

3. Fulfil Your Fashion Dreams with Full Skirts

Ankle-length, full A-line skirts are another item that holds a spectrum of both casual and fancy options. Using full-skirts to add a feminine, dressy touch to an outfit can be a great way to express your personality through fashion.

The silhouette of an ankle-length skirt is important to nail. Skirts that are too straight-up-and-down or which add bulk through the hips and upper thigh can distort your figure or add what looks like baggy weight.

Make sure to opt for flared, full, A-line silhouettes on these skirts to flatter your figure while remaining modest. When paired with a loosely tucked blouse and a more tightly wound hijab, a flared skirt makes for a beautifully balanced shape.


Tulle skirts have taken the fashion world by storm over the last few years. The beauty of the tulle skirt is the ability to add layers and volume without weight. Drawing on a ballet-inspired style, these skirts come in all colours and different textures of tulle.

Dress up or down for a light, feminine look. Pair with metallic flats and a silk blouse for a special occasion. Likewise, pair with layered shirts and canvas sneakers for a fun, casual look.


Delicate floral prints with bold colours have come back in popularity. With a variety of hemlines, including some ruffles or drapings, these are modern takes on a well-loved style. For some real stylish volume, look for a crinoline slip to wear underneath your floral full skirt.


A slightly more professional style, the pleated ankle-length skirt is often made in high-end fabrics that keep the pin-tuck pleats in great shape no matter how often you wear it. Paired with work blouses and kitten heels, this look nails office-chic while remaining modest and flattering.

4. Pantsuits and Jumpsuits Suit You

Monochromatic pants have some of the same benefits of a maxi-dress: they make you look tall and lean by drawing the eye upward. Keep your lines sleek and tailored with a hijab style that tucks under your blouse our jumpsuit collar.


Pantsuits have come a long way since our mothers’ days. Today they are produced in very modern looks with fun fabrics and cropped hemlines.

If a jacket is too cropped for your liking, wear a silk tunic shirt underneath. This mismatch of layers can be flattering and still modest.


Jumpsuits are a comfy yet stylish option that is simple to throw on. Layer a sleeveless jumpsuit over a long-sleeved tee or find an all-in-one wrist-to-ankle jumpsuit.

Often made of very structured fabric that gives off a professional vibe, these jumpsuits can be a modest alternative to shake up your wardrobe.

5. Make a Statement with Statement Shoes

Your shoes are always a great place to make a statement. Investing in quality footwear that will last longer than fashion trends is a sound idea.

A classic nude pump or leather gladiator sandal will always be in style. These types of shoes are versatile and can draw the right kind of attention to an outfit.


Sandals are a summer staple that can help keep you cool while dressed in a long, modest outfit. They can also be casual or dressy, and offer a wide variety of stylish outlets to make a statement.

Leather thong flip-flops or ankle-wrapped sandals are a classic go-to, which pair especially well with ankle-length pants and jumpsuits.

For a super casual and comfy look, opt for a two- or three-strap style like classic Birkenstocks. These come in many colours now, like printed florals or metallic rose golds. Find a style that complements the rest of your fashion-forward wardrobe.


Designer sneakers give a very distinct look to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Simple to pair with dresses, jumpsuits, or a tunic and jeans, check out some of the hyper-stylish sneakers in right now.

Alternatively, simple canvas sneakers come in many colours and prints. In an outfit of solids, add this pop of colour through your shoes.


Flats are a staple wardrobe piece. Having a few to mix and match with your different modest outfits is essential. Everyone should have a work flat (neutral or skin-toned colour), a fun flat (print or bright colour), and a dressy flat (patent leather, silk, sparkly, or metallic).

Extremely versatile, flats are often a relatively modest shoe that carries a lot of style in its low-profile.

Heels and Wedges

When wearing long, modest styles, heels and wedges are your friends.

From strappy metallic heels beneath a maxi dress to wedged boots over a pair of pants in cooler months, the height these provide is essential. This height helps resist any sense of “swimming” in baggy or flowy fashions.

Embrace Hijab Style and Modest Fashion

Use these five tips to help build a closet of hijab style and modern fashion that you love. Hijab fashion options continue to grow as the industry becomes more inclusive. You can find the styles you like from the shops you enjoy.

Modest fashion is not just something fun to incorporate into your wardrobe. It’s something you can incorporate into your investment portfolio. Fashion is a 16.92 billion dollar industry in Australia. As modest fashion grows, so do the opportunities surrounding it.

As you look into modest fashion, where you can expand your closet and your portfolio, also if you are interested in Islamic investment learn more about how Crescent Wealth supports our community’s culture and finances.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about Islamic ethical finance and investment.

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