Over 200 attendees graced the Bankstown Arts Centre early this month to witness the opening night of Muslim Agenda, Australia’s first Muslim Women’s Festival. A festival by Muslim women, for Muslim women, it was a monumental occasion that celebrated the diversity, talent and hard work of the amazing women within our Muslim communities, especially in Australia.

As one of the sponsors of the event, Crescent Group was honoured to support and be a part of such an trailblazing festival that commemorates and continues the long legacy of Muslim women as innovators and shapers of society.

What is the “Muslim Women Agenda”?

Forged from passion, pride and purpose, Muslim Agenda was a first of its kind. The name of the festival is a tongue-in-cheek subversion of the often-misconstrued narrative that every Muslim-led event is a trojan horse for the “Muslim agenda”.

It puts a positive spin on the “Muslim Agenda” by hosting a hub fostered from and for the empowerment, enrichment and elevation of our Australian Muslim community. Whether it be in the fields of academia, medicine, law, the arts or education, this event platformed a range of different stories and perspectives – all for our collective empowerment.

In addition to being a festival that brought together and inspired members of our Muslim community from all walks of life, it also provided a platform that elevated the voices of our amazing Muslim sisters.

From community leaders to celebrities to quiet achievers and everyone in between, it was a phenomenal opportunity for our sisters to build networks, draw connections and foster collaborations that go beyond the festival. with incredible heroes and role models.

When Did it Take Place?

The festival was held from 3-4 June 2022 at the Bankstown Arts Centre. The opening night, held on June 3rd, was a night of speed networking, poetry performances and reading by Amani Haydar from her book ‘Mother Wound’.

The following day was broken up into a number of sessions with concurrent panels and workshops. These ranged from discussions that advised and tackled pertinent social issues within our community to sessions that boosted spirituality with creativity through art and writing.

Who is behind it and who was involved?

The incredible event would not be possible without the leadership and organisation of Sara Mansour, founder & director of Muslim Agenda. Alongside Sara, the festival platformed over 60 Muslim female speakers and artists from all backgrounds, disciplines and denominations, both local and international. Speakers included Aishah Ali, Anhaar Kareem, Nour Haydar, Noor Tagouri and Linda Sarsour; all incredibly talented women in their own right.

Why Crescent Wealth supports the Muslim Women Agenda

As Australia’s first Sharia-compliant superfund, Crescent Wealth strives to serve and give back to the community.  By supporting and sponsoring powerful initiatives such as Muslim Agenda, we hope to elevate the voices of those who truly deserve a platform and are involved in creating positive change. And we are proud to be a part of the continued empowerment of women in our community as they continue to reach new heights.

A great sign of what is to come

Following the end of the Muslim Agenda event, hundreds of women who attended the festival provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. It was an event that allowed them to be seen and heard and was especially empowering to the younger generation.

Muslim Agenda was a celebration of sisterhood and empowerment of the Australian Muslim community. It was a monumental festival that covered all aspects of achievement and talent in our community and a positive sign of what’s to come.

We’re excited to see what emerges in the years ahead.

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