Muslims make up nearly one-fourth of the world’s population. Our community is rich with life, culture, and passionate young people who prioritize the same values and ethics that we do. Unfortunately, sometimes these entrepreneurial voices get drowned out. That’s why we’ve created a list of some of the coolest Muslim-led organizations in the world that you can support and connect with.

Successful Global Muslim Brands

We’ll cover everything from Modanisa to Mystic Man!

1. Salaam Bank – Technology & Banking

One of the first mobile banking options catering to Muslim young adults that provides a modern approach to all of our banking needs.

2. Haute Hijab – Fashion

An up and coming clothing community whose aim is to provide modest, fashionable clothing with an ethical source.

3. Modanisa – Fashion

The sponsor of the first international modest fashion week and the largest, fastest-growing modern fashion retailers in the world.

4. Investroo – Investing

This investment platform is very unique in that it offers practice trading accounts for beginners who are still learning the process!

5. Saffron Road Foods – Food

A world-renowned Halal food brand that is all ethically fed, produced and sourced so we can feel great about the premium food we are eating.

6. Wafaa – Communication

A unique way to communicate with the Muslim community, Mosques, and ultimately with Allah through technology.

7. Halal Ad – Advertisement

An incredibly fast-growing ad site where Muslim creators can distribute their advertisement to various Muslim websites quickly and effortlessly.

8. Kapital Boost – Crowdfunding

A great source for Asian Muslims hoping to receive liquidity for different services and needs.

9. iGrow – Farming & Agricultural Investing

This platform allows people from all over the world to invest in underutilized farmland and therefore help to employ farmers, then watch their farms grow virtually and share in the profits.

10. Meem Mobile by Mehedi Islam – Cell Phone Service

Open to Muslims and everyone alike, 10% of the user’s bill goes directly to a charity of their choice! An amazing service dedicated to creating change and introducing more good into the world.

11. The Halal Guys – Restaurant

One of the fastest-growing and most recognized food brands in the US that were founded by and for Muslims in NYC.

12. Mystic Man – Men’s Lifestyle

This startup began by marketing their life-changing beard oil and continued to flourish with the success of their shampoos and pomades for men.

13. EthisCrowd – Crowdfunding

An investor-based platform that specializes in helping raise funds for real estate in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, EthisCrowd has been able to raise over $3.6 million for homes thus far.

14. Ruh Collective – Fashion

While most Muslim fashion startups value ethics highly, Ruh Collective is unique in that it makes the pricing and sourcing of its products extremely transparent so the consumer knows exactly why they are paying what they are and where the piece originates from.

15. Port of Mokha – Coffee

The backstory of how this brand originated is almost as rich and captivating as the coffee itself! This flavorful cup is one of the world’s most expensive brews.

16. Mvslim – Social Media

This platform is dedicated to putting young Muslim men and women in the spotlight to break down the different suffocating stereotypes about their religion and lifestyle while promoting unification through the world.

17. Muslim Pro – Mobile App

Arguably the most profitable Islamic app for your phone (due to monetization and ads), this useful tool can help with prayer times and Qur’an features.

18. Ramadan Tent Project – Community Platform

This organization helps to bring their community together during Ramadan to break fast together, specifically focusing on homeless outreach.

19. HajjNet – Technology

A company based out of Dubai that creates mobile applications designed to help benefit the daily lives of Muslims.

20. Learn Quran – Education

With over 180 countries worldwide utilizing the application, Learn Quaran helps make the memorization and recitation process easier and more fun.

21. Productive Muslim – Health & Lifestyle

Through one on one guidance, videos, training exercises, and many more useful features, this program helps to increase ones productiveness.

We published a great article about some new year’s resolutions that you can adopt to help boost your own productiveness in 2021, so check that out here!

22. Lis’n Up Clothing (The Noor Effect) – Clothing

This is one of a few Muslim brands that partners with social media influencers to release different collections. All proceeds of clothing under The Noor Effect go directly to helping end the fight against human trafficking.

23. Peace House – Film Production

This studio is based out of Tampa, Florida and creates beautiful videos and campaigns to help raise the voices of the unheard. Their latest project is rumoured to cover the reign of the 12th-century Muslim ruler, Salahadin.

24. Shade 7 Publishing – Publishing

This multilingual media publishing conglomerate creates popup children’s books to introduce them to the world’s religions, with an emphasis on Islamic teaching.

25. Islamic Fashion & Design Council – Fashion

IFDC is a rapidly growing fashion and clothing company that has proven its success on the global stage, with offices in seven different countries.

26. i’Slam – Creative Outreach

Based out of Berlin, Germany, this organization empowers german-speaking Muslim youths to share their voice and create meaningful art and poetry.

27. MPower Change – Online Advocacy

Using online social media platforms and their own site, MPower Change addresses numerous social justice issues, including Islamophobia, to help end stigmas and fight for peace.

28. Tutlub – Community

Tutlub is an online social media platform that helps Muslims engage and communicate with one another from anywhere in the world.

29. Have Halal Will Travel – Travel Planning

This application helps Muslims become advocates for peace by helping them plan fun trips and vacations! The founders believe that through travel, we can break down stereotypes and open up conversations about faith.

The world is beautiful and ought to be seen, and Islam has truly impacted how many civilizations were formed. You can learn more about the spread of culture here!

30. Islam in Spanish – Education & Television Production

Although they are based out of Houston, TX, this nonprofit organization has produced language learning resources that air all over the world, helping Latinos learn about Islam in their own language.

31. Executive Muslim – Business Networking

This is an online platform dedicated to helping connect working Muslims to other business opportunities and with other professional contacts.

32. Narwi – Crowdfunding

Narwi encourages young entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and business dreams by providing them with loans or funds from generous donors.

33. Baraka Bits – Digital Media

In an effort to decrease the number of sad news stories coming out of the Middle East, Baraka Bits broadcasts good news to uplift hearts and spread true reflections of their beautiful culture and people.

34. Muzmatch – Dating Site

Dating as a Muslim can sometimes be difficult, but luckily Muzmatch provides a free, modest, and fun way to connect with local Muslim singles in your area!

35. Alchemiya – On-Demand Videos

To keep up with the trend of streaming services, Alchemiya was launched to provide a variety of Muslim-produced videos and films based on Islamic experience.

36. The Play Studio – Digital Production

Based out of London with services that include digital branding, creative design, and animation.

37. Affinis Labs – Workspace

Space where entrepreneurs in Washington D.C. can go to work on projects that aim to boost social impacts.

38. Qeerad – Investment

Qeerad acts as the middle man to help pair passionate people wanting to start their business and investors.

39. The Muslim ARC – Nonprofit

This organization works to fight racism, ethnocentrism, and Islamophobia (among many other social justice issues) through public conversations and social media engagement.

40. Zilzar – E-Commerce

An online shopping experience much like Amazon where consumers can find certified-Halal products.

41. Muslima – Dating Site

This online dating community boasts that they can help you meet your Muslim life partner. It offers free and premium features.

42. Tiossan – Health & Beauty

Tiossan is the first luxury skincare brand based out of West Africa that provides organic and nutrient-rich products to leave your skin with a youthful glow.

43. Ummah Wide – Digital Media Content

This business, much like Buzzfeed, posts helpful articles, videos, and blog posts that address a wide variety of Islamic topics. It is aiming to be one of the most truly global Muslim brands.

44. Finocracy – Finance

The aim of finocracy is to provides support to both public and private institutions and launches platforms to connect Muslim consumers to the products and services they need.

45. Sapelo Square – Media Platform

This digital media platform helps to prioritize the voices of Black Muslims throughout the United States to give them a space to be heard, appreciated and understood.

46. Holiday ME – Travel

A travel agency startup based out of the Middle East.

47. Sacred Footsteps – Digital Media

This is an online magazine dedicated to helping Muslim travellers fulfil their spiritual needs through seeing the world.

48. My Muslim Wedding – Wedding Planning

What we love about this business is their commitment to making your special day as relaxing as possible through services like photography and detailed planning!

49. Zileej – Lifestyle

Zileej produces fun and creative products, like board games, toys and gadgets aimed at bringing the family together to share a valuable experience.

50. Islamic GPS – Mobile App

Utilizes augmented reality to help you engage with Muslim landmarks in a new, exciting way.

51. Ummah Ventures & MPowered Summit – Education

Ummah Ventures provides the training courses and materials to empower young Muslim businesspeople.

Support Local Muslims

We hope that this list provides you with many unique opportunities for you to invest in local Muslim brands and businesses in your area.

Whether you’re going to check out some of the fashion offerings from Modanisa, or hoping to grab a new game from Zileej, your Muslim community is rich with culture and experiences waiting for you to explore!

We highly encourage you to read up on the latest news and Muslim community articles in our blog here, to stay up to date!

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