Islamic Super Stock Highlight: Henkel AG & Co

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31/10/19 2:26 AM

Through our Islamic Super fund, Crescent Wealth invests in Henkel. Hankel is a German chemical and consumer goods company with a strong commitment to creating solutions that allow people to live a good life yet use less and less materials. Listed on both the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World) and Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe (DJSI Europe), the company has a goal of reducing their environmental footprint to one third of today’s level while achieving our improvement in efficiency by delivering the same value.

Henkel operates worldwide with brands and technologies in adhesives, beauty, and laundry and home care. The company aims to promote sustainability in all of its business activities and the importance of sustainability is ingrained into its corporate culture. This is evidenced by their approximately 53,000 employees who volunteer in the communities in which they operate, in an effort to support social initiatives and public institutions worldwide.

In 1998, Henkel became one of the first German companies to incorporate the voluntary social engagement of its employees and retirees into its corporate social responsibility policy. Since the program’s inception, the company has supported 14,000 charitable projects in more than 100 countries through material and financial donations as well as time for which employees are granted paid leave so that they can volunteer. Over the years, Henkel employees have volunteered their time to build bridges in Vietnam, work in orphanages in Uganda and Mexico, and build schools in Guatemala, amongst many other charitable projects.

In 2012, the company initiated the Henkel Sustainability Ambassador program, with the aim of training employees on sustainability so that they can improve practices in their own lives and at work, and pass on their knowledge to others. Nearly all Henkel employees have completed the training to become Sustainability Ambassadors.