If you want to help make a difference for the good, come and join the team at Crescent.

Unfortunately, we currently have no employment positions open at this time.

Our Vision

We exist to open up tomorrow for everyone so all Australians can retire with wealth, dignity and honour.

Mission Statement

To provide Islamic Superannuation in a Shariah-compliant way, governed at the highest standard, while delivering highly competitive returns. 

By providing a modern Australian approach to investing that incorporates Shariah compliance and ethical and sustainable principles, we're creating an inclusive financial services system that shares success between Australian individuals, families and communities.

Why we love Crescent

Investment Analyst

Predrag Reznic

I was drawn to Crescent because it has created a unique niche in the market and is a highly purpose-driven organisation.

I was drawn to the Shariah-compliant investment framework not only because it results in some sound investment decisions but also fits in with my values.

Senior Consultant

Abeer Yassine

There are other companies willing to accommodate my beliefs, but I feel like the Crescent actually aligns with my values.

It’s Islamic, so it meets my religious standards and my cultural standards, as well as my ethical and environmental values.

Relationship Manager

Salim Islam

This role is a perfect fit for me, I am extremely passionate about financial literacy and the importance of building solid financial habits that benefit individuals, their families and the broader community.

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