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only the good

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to invest your way by selecting investment options that all adhere to the highest Islamic investment standards.

Every option opens your retirement fund to ethical, rewarding opportunities in global and domestic markets, asset classes and investments

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Starting a new job?

You don’t open a new bank account when you start a new job, so why open a new super account?

By taking your Crescent Wealth Super account with you when you start a new job, you will:

  • Save time and inconvenience, by keeping your super in the same place.

  • Save money, by avoiding multiple administration fees and insurance premiums.

Investing in an ethical, sustainable future

Crescent Wealth members have exclusive access to four Shariah-compliant investment options that will not compromise your values or beliefs.  

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Switch to Australia’s first Islamic-compliant super fund

As a Crescent Wealth member you will join a community of other like-minded individuals that are investing for the good.

We're excited about the impact that Islamic Shariah-compliant investing can have to build a better world, doing good for the community, the environment and humanity.

Why should you join?

Crescent Wealth invests in industries and companies that comply with Islamic investment guidelines.

We provide an ethical and Shariah-compliant alternative to conventional Australian superannuation funds, view our accreditations.

Your investment options & fees

Crescent Wealth members have exclusive access to four Islamic-compliant investment options.

Each option has a different investment return objective, time frame, risk, and timing strategy. Choosing the option that’s right for you brings you a step closer to ensuring your super is invested according to your Islamic values.

Crescent Wealth Super Fund offers ongoing competitive management fees but has no establishment, withdrawal, contribution and termination fees.

Benefits to the community

Beyond Islamic investing we are passionate about bringing positive change to the Australian community through our sister organisations, Crescent Foundation and Crescent Institute.

Application requirements

To apply for membership of the Crescent Wealth Superannuation Fund please provide your details here. On submission you will be taken to an electronic application form that must be completed before the trustee will consider and approve your application.

You must read the product disclosure statement (PDS) for the Crescent Wealth Superannuation Fund. Before submitting your electronic application, you will be required to confirm that you have read and understood the PDS.

If you require advice about whether membership of the fund will meet your objectives, financial situation or needs you are encouraged to consult a suitably qualified financial planner before submitting your application.

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