Super Investment Option

Balanced Global

An investment option for members seeking more exposure to international investments with a lower overall cost of investment.

Description Invests in a mix of growth and defensive assets which may include Australian and International Equities, Listed Real Assets, Alternative Assets, Islamic Cash and Islamic Fixed Income. The option has a higher level of exposure to passive strategies relative to our other investment options.
Investment objective To achieve an average net return (after investment fees and tax) equal to or better than inflation plus 2.0% p.a. over rolling 5-year periods and limit the frequency of negative annual returns to 1 in 5 years.
Suggested minimum timeframe 5 years
Target allocation 1 70% Growth Assets
30% Defensive Assets
Risk level High
Administrative fee (fixed fee) 2 $1.90 per week
Administration fee (percentage) 2 0.45% p.a.
Investment fees & costs (estimates only) 3 1.15% of assets p.a.
Transaction costs (estimates only) 0.02% of assets p.a.
1 Target allocation is a strategic benchmark only. Actual allocations may vary within the described ranges.
2 The fixed Administration Fee will be indexed annually in line with Consumer Price Index each July. Note: all fees are inclusive of Goods and services tax & Reduced income tax credit.
3 Investment fees and costs shown here are forward-looking estimates applicable from the date of preparation of this PDS and do not include performance fees as performance fees are not applicable. For the year ending 30 June 2022, investment fees and costs were: Conservative 1.66%, Growth 2.01%, Balanced 1.91% and Balanced Global 1.51%. Refer to the ‘Additional Explanation of Fees and Costs’ in the Crescent Wealth Super Additional Information Booklet.

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Balanced Global

For members seeking a higher level of exposure to passive investments.

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