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Highest Islamic Standards

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to invest by selecting from investment options that all adhere to the highest Islamic investment standards. Every option opens your retirement fund to ethical, rewarding opportunities in global and domestic markets, asset classes and investments.

Islamic investment tools

Each investment option has a different investment return objective, time frame, risk, and timing strategy. And each option provides differing levels of access to our unique and pioneering Islamic investment tools. 


In line with Islamic values

Pick one investment option or spread your super across several options. Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that your super is invested in line with your Islamic values.

Not only do we adhere to stringent Islamic investment principles, but we also give you a choice of investment strategies so that you can select the degree or risk and potential returns to match your personal preferences and circumstances.

When we invest your money, we strategically place this across different investment markets using a range of asset classes to grow your retirement savings. Our specialist investment managers have a deep knowledge of markets and assets.

They are dedicated to your investment objectives, they closely follow the investments’ progress, and they fine-tune where required. And crucially, they are all well-versed in Islamic investment principles. Learn more about how we invest.

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