Crescent Wealth has partnered with Omar and Hanna founders to launch Durioo – A high quality Islamic cartoon streaming app.

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22/03/22 2:50 AM

Crescent Wealth has partnered with global tech start-up Durioo to help bring more high quality Islamic entertainment for our Muslim children to enjoy!

Founded by Malaysia-based animation company Digital Durian, the creative minds behind the popular Islamic cartoon series Omar & Hana, Durioo produces fun, safe and authentic Islamic content for Muslim kids.

The content, aimed at children ages one to twelve, appears on Durioo’s subscription-based streaming service, Durioo+, and releases new episodes every week.

Crafted in the similar vein of Omar & Hana, a 3D-animated show about a pair of Muslim siblings, the new Durioo Originals features cartoons such as Little Ammar, the Islamic version of CocoMelon, and Mina & Mila, a show about pair of identical twins with differing personalities.

Live-action shows, Abibi and the Challengers are also included in the Durioo Originals line-up, in addition to seven other original shows of both the animated and non-animated variety.

Durioo has likewise made their streaming service available to view on both iOS and Android devices, including on computers, laptops, phones, tablets and Smart TVs.

This mission of Durioo to provide Muslim families with diverse and accessible halal content comes from a long-standing dream of Sinan Ismail, CEO and co-founder of Digital Durian, to create a number of enjoyable and educational cartoons which instil positive values in young children.

For Muslim children especially, Sinan wanted to fulfil the need for more high-quality Islamic animations and games in mainstream media, a large market that has gone underserved by major streaming platforms such as Disney+ and Netflix.

Sinan’s journey to being a pioneer for mainstream Islamic content began when he found a lack of mainstream Malaysian content available to help introduce his son, and children from many other families, to Malay nursery rhymes.

Observing the gap the market, Digital Durian was founded, and released its first production, Didi & Friends, a cartoon featuring chickens as main characters teaching young children good values through Malay nursery rhymes, on YouTube, after conducting several revisions of the show following their failure to pitch it to local and international production companies. To the surprise of Sinan and his team, Didi & Friends became a huge success, reaching 5.5 million views in its first year.

Eventually, as the success of the show grew, Muslim families began asking the production team if they would see Islam integrated into the show. Unable to see this need fulfilled with chickens as main characters, Digital Durian then released Omar & Hana in 2017, which feature human characters, to help teach young children core Islamic values, including how to pray, memorise du’a, read Qur’an, and develop a love for Allah (SWT) and his Messenger (SAW).

Since airing on Malaysian YouTube, Omar & Hana has now gathered a global audience, boasting 1.5 billion YouTube views and 3.5 million subscribers. Many Muslim parents, from the UK to UAE, have praised the show for its positive impact on Muslim children and are appreciative of its Islamic essence amidst all the inappropriate content available online.

Now, with the launch of Durioo’s new streaming platform, Durioo+, Muslim families are similarly excited to have access to even more original, high-quality halal entertainment for their children.

Currently, the Durioo team consists of 38 staff, but also has plans to grow and expand, collaborate with other studios and produce more unique content, including games.

With pre-seed funding from prominent international investors in the UK, US and the Gulf, Durioo, in turn, hopes to give their audiences more enjoyment beyond their subscription service, through sponsorships, merchandise, in-mall theme attractions and events.

In seeing the founders of Durioo working so hard to bring our Muslim children such high quality content with sound Islamic values, Crescent Wealth is delighted to partner with such an amazing group of Muslims with a genuine love for what they do.

Families with Crescent Wealth can enjoy 50% off their Durioo Subscription and see their children enjoy fun shows which are ad-free, halal and educational on the go and on any device of their choice.

We look forward to see Durioo grow and transform and seeing it the pave way for more great, shariah-compliant, high-quality entertainment in the future to come!