Australia’s first sukuk mandate adds diversification to a Shariah-compliant responsible investment super fund

1 min read
28/04/20 9:37 PM

Responsible Finance & Investment Foundation speaks to our Chief Investment Officer about our innovative approach to diversify our investments, adding a dedicated Sukuk mandate to our investment asset class for our Superannuation members.

In today’s world, it’s not enough to just think about risks and returns when it comes to choosing where to invest. There is a global movement to make conscious decisions to do our bit in creating positive change, and many are turning to the likes of Islamic finance to invest their money.

Unlike other Super funds in Australia, Crescent Wealth invests in industries that are compliant to Islamic values and principles. Our investments include ethical industries such as healthcare, natural resources, property and infrastructure.

This ensures that the wealth generated for you and your family when you retire is Islamically Compliant.

Rethink your super investment today and make the switch to Crescent Wealth Super.

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