Crescent Wealth delivers 10.2% return for its Balanced Global Fund

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8/08/23 4:03 PM

Crescent Wealth has flagged its Shariah-compliant investment principles and a bolstered investment team as key contributors after delivering double digit return for Balanced Global members for year ending 30 June 2023.

Strong investment results for the year ending 30 June 2023 demonstrated the advantages of our Shariah-compliant investment approach after bolstering our investment team of industry-leading experts.

Headlining our performance was a 10.2% return for Balanced Global members, a 9.4% return for our Growth fund, while the Balanced fund option delivered a strong 8.6% return.


Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Mas Harris, the Head of Investments, stated that the strong performance is a testament to the 'depth and capability' of Crescent Wealth's new investment team.

“We are delighted with the investment performance we have been able to achieve for our members over what has been a volatile period in investment markets.”
Mas Harris

Head of Investments

Part of our investment philosophy is to actively manage the money members entrust us with. This means we track the performance of investments and adjust to take advantage of opportunities and steer away from potential obstacles.

A major driver of our returns for this year was Shariah compliant Global equities. While complementing our existing Australian equities exposure, the pool of opportunities for Shariah compliant investments is bigger globally. Being overweight in international equities, especially US based equities during this period delivered significant results to boost our overall investment returns.

Over the past 12 months Crescent Wealth has made significant changes towards its investment capabilities with the appointment of additional investment managers in late 2022.

“With ten years of experience we have refined and improved our asset allocations. We are always looking for new and emerging Shariah compliant investments assets to provide members such as water rights which we begun offering in September 2022,” Harris said.

Looking ahead, Harris flagged the depth of knowledge in the team and the unique capability to identify new and emerging Shariah-compliant investments to continue to have an impact on members funds.

“Crescent Wealth is in a strong position to capitalise on those opportunities and continue delivering strong returns for members through our disciplined investment approach,” he added.

As far as what the next 12 months holds, Harris said it is likely to be a challenging period for global financial markets, nevertheless, our fund’s performance has shown that Shariah compliant investing doesn’t mean sacrificing competitive returns for our members. Continued global volatility may create exciting investment opportunities, specifically in asset classes like international equities and listed property.