Head and heart leadership with SA Premier Peter Malinauskas MP

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30/03/23 4:28 PM

Attendees at the recent sold-out Crescent Institute In Conversation event held in Adelaide were treated to a thought-provoking and insightful discussion, featuring South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas MP, and Crescent's Deputy Managing Director, Miriam Silva AM, who discussed head and heart leadership. 

One of the key themes throughout the discussion was the influences that have shaped the Premier's leadership style. The Premier spoke about the impact his parents have had on his leadership journey, and shared how this has shaped his ideas about leadership and what it means to lead.

When asked about leading with the head or the heart, the Premier highlighted the importance of leading with both. He explained that there are times when it is difficult to maintain balance, sometimes it is important to be analytical and data-driven, and there are also times when empathy and understanding are crucial. He emphasised the importance of assessing the situation and using wisdom to find the right balance.

Touching on the attributes of leading with the head and leading with the heart, the Premier spoke about the importance of curiosity, wisdom, perspective, and capability in his leadership style and spoke about his multicultural background and his experiences of how this has been a positive experience for him growing up.

Thanks goes to Chair of the Crescent Institute South Australian chapter, Hamilton Calder, for his outstanding work in facilitating the event and ensuring its success along with Crescent Institute Adelaide Chapter members, and to Rowan Roberts and the KPMG team in Adelaide for hosting the event.  

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