How Ahmed found $45,000 in lost super

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30/03/23 4:29 PM

Ahmed*, is a 47-year-old sales representative based in Melbourne, Australia. Ahmed has had multiple jobs during his 25 years in the workforce, including multiple career breaks, spending time overseas. During this time, Ahmed has accumulated several superannuation accounts through his employment, but he hasn't kept track of them all.

Recently, Ahmed joined Crescent Wealth and began consolidating his superannuation accounts into one fund. As he went through the consolidation process, he realised that he had lost track of one of his previous superannuation accounts. He couldn't remember the name of the fund or where it was held.

Concerned that he may have lost track of significant amounts of his hard-earned retirement savings, Ahmed decided to use Crescent Wealth's lost super facility. All he had to do was provide his tax file number and we took care of the search. 

To Ahmed's surprise, we were able to find the lost super account within just a few days. The account held $45,000 and was immediately consolidated into Ahmed's Crescent Wealth superannuation fund.  

Ahmed was grateful for the ease of the process and the quick and efficient service provided by Crescent Wealth. He never imagined that he could lose track of such a significant amount of his retirement savings, but with Crescent Wealth's help, he was able to recover it without any hassle.

The experience taught Ahmed the importance of keeping track of his superannuation accounts and the value of having a reliable financial partner like Crescent Wealth by his side. Thanks to Crescent Wealth, Ahmed can focus on his career and his future, knowing that his 100% Shariah-compliant retirement savings are in good hands.

*Ahmed is a fictional name