How to invest in Halal

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7/09/23 2:36 PM

Are you looking for a way to invest your money that is ethical and compliant with Islamic principles? If you’re going through regular financial institutions, you may be having difficulty finding options that completely align with your investment goals and values.

Where are my investments going?

If you invest your super with a traditional/mainstream company, the unpleasant truth is some of your investments could be going to haram businesses and sectors not aligned to your values or beliefs. These can include interest-earning financial services, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons manufacture, pornography, and the pork industry. The good news is that now they are genuine, halal alternative options that are proven in the Australian superannuation environment.

Do halal investments perform well?

While there are fewer markets to invest in when opting for Shariah-compliant investments, the good news is that they tend to be more solid and rewarding in times of distress.

Success in Islamic investment was seen most recently in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously during the 2008 recession, the Dow Jones underperformed the Dow Jones Islamic Market by a staggering 15%. There is precedent to feel confident in Islamic investment opportunities.

How do I find halal investment funds?

The great thing about halal investment funds—like Crescent Wealth—is that we’re proud of what we offer our members through our Shariah-compliant investment options. 

We opt for investment vehicles that do good for your portfolio. But they also do good for the world like healthcare, natural resources, and innovative industries. With us, your investment portfolio is built on halal practices and principles. This ascertains all the stability halal investment practices can bring in the face of uncertainty in the market.

More halal investment ideas

While at Crescent Wealth we specialize in opting for investments that meet Shariah-compliance, we also understand that you may be interested in diversifying further.

There are many ways to invest your funds in places that meet your standards, are socially responsible, and operate outside the stock market. Consider some of these when you are looking for a creative outlet for your investments and are still looking to make fair profits.


In sukuk investors put money in to gain something like a bond from a business. However, instead of making money off interest, they have a fixed-income rate which they will be repaid.

Investors interested in purchasing bonds from a particular organisation should investigate whether a sukuk deal is possible.

Local businesses

If there is a local business that you feel is halal, why not invest? Not only does your money go into your community, but you will also profit along with your community when the business performs well.

Find local businesses looking for investors in the Muslim community. You’ll be even more certain that your investments are going towards something you agree with.

Hard assets

Buying and selling hard assets like gold and silver is permissible under Islamic law. These are no longer considered a particularly profitable investment. However, precious metals do offer an alternative to stock investments.

Invest halal with Crescent Wealth

If you are decide to make the decision to transition your investments to halal, turn to Crescent Wealth.

When you put your money where your mouth is, you’ll find both peace of mind as well as successful investment strategies. Halal investing allows you to do good for the world, the community, and yourself.