Values based super

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7/09/23 2:17 PM

At Crescent Wealth Super, we’re committed to ensuring all Australians can protect and grow their retirement wealth without compromising their core values and beliefs. As Australia’s first Islamic Shariah-compliant superannuation fund, our investment approach reflects Islamic investment principles as well as the values of environmental, social and governance (ESG).

What is Islamic investing?

As an Islamic investor, Crescent Wealth Super doesn’t invest in activities that harm humanity. Along with our commitment not to invest in harmful activities, such as gambling, tobacco, alcohol and weapons, we also don’t invest in banking and insurance companies – which sets us apart from other ‘green’ ethical funds.

As experts in Islamic investing, our investment professionals choose from a broad spread of assets to construct diversified and risk-adjusted portfolios, built on strong values that have the potential to generate long-term sustainable returns.

How is Crescent Wealth Super a responsible investor?

At Crescent Wealth Super we focus on socially responsible investing in healthcare, property and infrastructure, utilities, manufacturing and innovative industries, such as Australian water rights.

In the same way conventional responsible investing is bound by ESG criteria, Crescent Wealth Super is mandated to invest with a similar mindset.

Our investment portfolio is governed by a supervisory board owned by the Dubai Islamic Bank and is made up of an internationally recognised and independent group of experts. This Board reviews our investments and product policies to certify and give our members confidence our investments are aligned with Islamic investment principles.

How does Crescent Wealth Super support the community through responsible investing?

Crescent Wealth Super is passionate about bringing positive change to the Australian community not only through responsible investment and a commitment to invest in values, but also through the support of our sister organisations – the Crescent Foundation and Crescent Institute.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we remain steadfast in our commitment to values based super, for the benefit of our members, our community and humanity.