Stock Highlight: Lifestyle Communities (LIC)

1 min read
26/02/20 9:57 PM

Lifestyle Communities is far from the average retirement provider for over-50s – it’s committed to helping Australians live an independent life of luxury at an affordable price. With a mission to enable working, semi-retired and fully retired people to live a more comfortable and affordable life, the company operates land-lease communities that are remarkably different from traditional retirement villages.

It does this through providing affordable housing in discrete ‘lifestyle’ communities, which allows them to free up capital from their existing housing assets. The good news for clients is that homes cost around 70–80% of the local median house price in surrounding areas, which means residents can unlock equity in their existing property and spend it on their desired travel and lifestyle needs.

With half of Australians aged over 50 having less than $520,000 in total equity, Lifestyle Communities provides an important and valuable service to a growing number of Australians, particularly those on the Age Pension. It’s also supporting the first wave of baby boomers who have recently turned 70.

Crescent Wealth is a huge supporter of LIC’s objective to be a ‘business for purpose’ rather than a ‘purpose for business’, and this is evident through its social, moral and ethical responsibilities. Feedback directly from Lifestyle’s clients speaks to a very strong customer proposition, showing 95% of homeowners would recommend Lifestyle Communities to their friends and family. Furthermore, over half (54%) of all new home sales are directly referred by existing homeowners.

With a strong moral compass and a drive to always be more ethically and socially responsible to its clients right across Australia, we believe Lifestyle Communities is an investment opportunity worth celebrating.