Crescent Wealth Annual Audit for Shariah & Financial Compliance

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31/08/20 10:29 PM

AAOFI is the leading standards for Islamic Investments. Each year, we are independently audited to verify that our investments and our business operate to the strict standard set by this independent Islamic standards body.

Dar Al Shariah are global experts in Islamic Finance. Originally set up in 2007 by the world’s first Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, they play an important role in certifying companies within the Islamic Finance and Banking sector.

Dar Al Sharia are responsible for the Islamic compliance and the annual independent audit of the Crescent Wealth Super Fund and we are proud to share our 2020 Audit Certification below.

Maintaining our original Fatwa is a vital step, we do this by conducting the independent annual Islamic audit. Without this crucial step, the original Fatwa is rendered void.

Crescent Wealth has an Independent Trustee Licenced by APRA to issue Super Funds

The independent trustee ensures that Crescent Wealth invests capital in the best interest of its members.

This oversight ensures there is an independent board that oversees our investment strategy and fund planning whilst also adhering to the government’s strict guidelines for Superannuation funds.

Superannuation is an important source of wealth increase for individuals living in Australia and we’re privileged to be able to deliver a shariah-compliant option for Australian Muslims. 

If you are interested in switching to a super fund that displays your own values and ethical standards, contact the Crescent Wealth team online or call us on 1300 926 626.